Project Outreach

Sharing our knowledge and research goals with Ohio public
Image of Abby giving a talk in front of a projector screen showing an image of a coyote

Team members Courtney Anderson and Abby Thiemkey gave presentations at last night's EcoTalk session. This EcoTalk series has been providing educational talks from researchers all across Ohio, hosted by Five Rivers MetroParks in Dayton, Ohio. They invited our project to participate and we jumped at the opportunity to share our work!

Abby started us off with a talk on her thesis research, which uses stable isotope analysis to assess coyote diet and potential impacts on livestock in Ohio. The audience had a lot of great questions about the science behind this analysis and how it is used to inform management!

In the second talk, Courtney reviewed a history of Ohio's carnivores. Some, like the gray wolf and mountain lion, have disappeared from the region. Other species, such as the bobcat and fisher, have started to make a comeback! And, of course, we have newcomers, like the coyote. Our project will be looking into how the diets of Ohio's carnivore species are similar and how they are different, which will be important for predicting the lasting impact of coyotes on other species, such as foxes.